The University and ENSA created a shared strategy to tackle and prevent sexual violence in 2018 and have been working together to improve access to support for those who experience sexual violence and misconduct on and off our campuses.

In support of our strategy we have:

  • Trained a team of staff to fulfil the role of Sexual Violence Misconduct Liaison Officers who can support staff and students affected by sexual violence or misconduct;
  • Developed the Report and Support website to ensure that any visitor, student or staff member can report issues either anonymously or with contact details and receive support;
  • Trained Residence Life staff to understand consent and active by-stander approaches in support of the resident student population;
  • Trained student leaders with ENSA to understand consent and active by-stander approaches;
  • Made available on-line training programmes for students and staff on Consent and on receiving a disclosure of sexual violence;
  • Worked closely with Edinburgh Rape Crisis and Police Scotland to inform our strategy and to assist in staff development;
  • Worked with partner universities and colleagues in Edinburgh, together with the NHS and Edinburgh City Council to develop our joint campaign – Fearless Edinburgh.
By the end of 2021 we hope to that:

  1. Our culture will reflect our zero tolerance approach to sexual violence, assault or harassment, and instances of such conduct will be reduced.
  2. Our staff and students are clear about their options and receive appropriate support if they are a victim-survivor of sexual violence or misconduct.
  3. University staff and Students’ Association officers and staff are confident and knowledgeable in responding to and supporting students or colleagues if they are affected by sexual violence or misconduct.
  4. Our knowledge and understanding about the prevalence of – and impact of our work to prevent and tackle - sexual violence and misconduct in our community will have significantly increased.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened